Riso patterns

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How to create beautiful seamless patterns with the Riso?

Manual patterns

1. Draw your visual on an A3 sheet.
2. Fold it in 4 and cut.
3. Shift the squares vertically.
IMG 4379.gif
4. Shift the squares horizontally.
IMG 4380.gif

5. You can add elements to the centre of the page.
6. Scan your image in the Riso printer.
7. Make a master and print!.

Photoshop patterns

1. Open Photoshop
2. Create a new file with your desired size; make sure to note somewhere the dimension in pixels;
for A3 size 300dpi, the dimensions are - W:3508px by H:4961px

1 New File.png

3. Create your design; make sure you are working in black and white.
2 Place Image.png

4. Go to Filter > Other > Offset
3 Offset Effect.png

5. Make sure to check only the box "Wrap around"
4 Offset Settings.png.png

Tip: You can also use the gradient tool to create beautiful grayscale designs.
Make sure you do that before applying the Offset Filter!

New gradient layer2.png

New merge.png

New gradient layer3.png

6. To make the pattern completely centred, you should move the:
- "horizontal pixels right" bar half the way of the original width (3508px / 2 = 1754px);
- "vertical pixels down" bar half the way of the original height (4962px / 2 = 2481)
4.1 Offset Settings 2.png

7. Once the filter is applied, you can finish your pattern by adding elements in the formed empty space in the middle so it can achieve a seamless effect.
5 Additional Design.png

Printing the pattern with the Riso

1. Make sure the design in black and white! If it is not, you can apply the Black and white filter by
Adjustments > Black and White.

10 BnW Settings.png

11 BnW Settings 2.png

Reminder: The black parts of your design will make the ink you have put in the machine the most saturated it can get. Check the swatch cards laying on the printers to have an idea how your colours will turn out.

2. Press Cmnd + P or go to File>Print
6 Print.png

3. Make sure you check the box "Scale to Fit Media"; it is important that the edges of your design are printed, since this is what is going to make the pattern seamless.

Important: Make sure the copy count is set to 1! You make more copies from the RISO machine, and not from the computer! More information in the last step of this tutorial!

7 Fit Media.png

4. Go to "Print Settings" > Layout button > Colouring
8 Coloring Menu.png

- from this panel, you can change the halftone effect of the gray parts of your design;
- make sure the settings are in the mode "Screen-covered" and the colour remains black.
9 Choose Halftone.png

Do not press print before checking the next steps!

Making the Master

1. Change the ink in the RISO machine with the colour of your liking
2. Make sure there are at least 2 papers in the paper tray
3. Press "Print" on the computer
4. A dialogue panel will show on the Riso that would say that the colours do not match > Press continue
5. The masters will be made.
6. If you want to make more copies, select the amount from the Riso machine and press the big blue button; and do not hit print on the computer again!

The Printed Pattern

You will need 4 prints to see the pattern.
Enjoy your new prints!