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Steps to take for screen printing a two colour design on paper.


Make a design

Use a digital design tool or design by hand on paper. We use a smiley face as an example of a two-colour design. Screenprocess-01.png

Make colour separations

  • Print both layers with black on a transparent sheet.
  • Hand draw with a paint marker (Posta, Monotov ect.) or drawing ink on transparent or semitransparent.


Screen making

Coat a screen with light-sensitive emulsion

  • Choice a screen:
  • red for paper, blue for textile
  • check if there's no emulsion on the screen
  • check if the screen is big enough
  • use the scoop coater to fill the screen with the light-sensitive emulsion
  • let it dry in de drawer in the exposure unit where it is protected from the light.

Video about Preparing A Screen Screenprocess-05.png

Expose screen to UV light

  • Place your transparent face up on the glass plate at the exposure unit.
  • Place the screen over the transparent on the glass plate.
  • Close the cover of the exposure unit and close the locks.
  • Start the exposure.

Video How To Expose A Screen Screenprocess-06.png

Wash out the non-exposed parts

Make both sites of the screen wet with the hose, wash the non-exposed parts. Screenprocess-07.png

Let the screen dry

In the drying drawers, don't place it in a drawer above a non exposed screen to avoid dripping water on a non exposed screen. Screenprocess-08.png

Prepare for printing

Get paper.

Paper sheets thickness and weight doesn’t mater Use paper sheets of the same size Screenprocess-03.png

Mix inks

one part acrylic paint one part screen print medium Screenprocess-04.png

Place the screen in the clamps on the print table.


Stick the transparent to a sheet of paper


Place the paper on the table and line it up with the image on the screen.


Place lay marks



Print one colour at the time


Result, prints on paper

👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Screenprocess-14.png

Clean the screen

Video about How To Clean A Screen Screenprocess-15.png

More info about cleaning a screen