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Roel Roscam Abbing - Pretty Fly For A WIFI

Unravel the Code V - Unravel Radio Marathon

When you hear the word radio, one might think nostalgically about AM and FM, car tunes, or talk shows. With over a hundred years of human radio transmission behind us, what then is radio's contemporary relevance? We have the internet right?

Radio is, however, much broader than a commercial broadcast. It is an essential infrastructure in our lives, and one that is fundamental to many technologies we depend on. At any given moment the air is filled with signals -- from cell phone packets to a bus driver walkie-talkie chatter, airplane tracking and bluetooth mouse movements, from satellites beaming down to the beep of wireless keys, the hum of electrical devices and much much more. All these technologies, and even ones which are part of 'the internet', such as Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G, microwave towers...are radio based. In short, any electrical device which lacks wires and still works (hence: wireless), works via radio. If that is not enough relevance, it is also good to note that radio itself is a natural phenomenon that older than mankind. Its strongest broadcasters are the stars. And it is deeply physical.

For Unravel The Code 2k16 we will take this expanded understanding of radio as our topic and departure point as Digital Craftsmen. We will dream up devices that make these radio systems more present and visible. We will open them up to critical inquire. We will tune in to poetical intervention and aesthetic experience. We will recount obscure histories as well as meticulously construct new narratives that lie in the grey zone between craft and the electromagnetic spectrum.

About the Collaborating Progams


WDKA Digital Craft

Participating Students

MICA Students

  1. Tila Assgari -
  2. Trisha Cheeney -
  3. Kaitlyn Conte -
  4. Kristin Holifield -
  5. Bianca Jackson -
  6. Esther Kim -
  7. Erin Kirchner -
  8. Dan Langston -
  9. Priya Pappu -
  10. Seul Rhee -
  11. Kate Smith-Morse -
  12. William Solomon -
  13. Christina Stone -
  14. Brooke Thyng -

Minor Digital Craft

  1. Marjolein Stassen
  2. Arthur Boer
  3. Animalien-smiley.gif Boris Smeenk Animalien-smiley.gif
  4. Stan Haanappel
  5. Pascalle de Jager
  6. Lars Noback
  7. MeikeBrand
  8. Stijn van Aardenne
  9. Nora Mabrouki
  10. Kut gradient.gif rensvanpinxteren Kut gradient.gif
  11. Koen van Geel
  12. Kars van den Heuvel
  13. Judith
  14. Emma Rijk

3rd Year Digital Craft

  1. Cd-gif.gif Jeroen Rijnart Cd-gif.gif
  2. Mattijn MulderDonkeykong.gif
  3. Naomi
  4. Alkenah Wansing
  5. Kaylee Bos
  6. Web90ex.gif Caio Vita Drink90.gif
  7. Seline de Graaff
  8. Mirthe Jasmijn Alferink
  9. Jerry Estié Hey.gif
  10. Nina Michailidou
  11. Sanne Schilder AF1FishSeahorse01.gif
  12. Merle Sibbel
  13. Sara Pavicic
  14. Jeanine Verloop
  15. Tian✨
  16. Manouk Moreau
  17. Vera Castelijns
  18. Alex laman

Participating Faculty


  1. Alan Grover,, technical assistant volunteer
  2. Kim Loper,, GTI (Teacher assistant)
  3. Ryan Hoover,, instructor
  4. Margaret MacDonald,, (curatorial assistant)
  5. Annet Couwenberg,, instructor


  1. Simon de Bakker,, digital craft tools & tech mentor
  2. Tim Knapen,, digital craft practice mentor
  3. Yoana Buzova,, interaction station instructor
  4. Jon Stam,, digital craft research mentor
  5. Radio-Roel Roscam Abbing,, digital craft practice/research mentor (not participating in person, but will be sending signals)

Schedule (subject to change)

Awkward Video Call

10-14/10 Baltimore-Rotterdam
(time and date student arranged) MICA and WDKA minor students try to sustain a 5 min awkward conversation, knowing that it will make the week much smother knowing at least one partner student on a face to face basis. See below for pairing.

Hamstéééééren. Gewon bij Albert Heijn

Monday 24/10 Markthal Entrance (R'Dam Blaak Station)
12:00 sharp WDKA students greet MICA students prior to grabbing some take away 'euroknallers' at the Albert Heijn. Or something from the Markthal itself (voor de fijnproevers). Please make sure the Mica presentations are delivered to Boris (preferably on a single usb stick) before wandering off to grab lunch!

Meet, Greet, Show, Tell

Monday 24/10 Blaak 10 Foyer
12:30-12:45 MC Boris welcomes everyone and initiates a name call WDKA minor and 3rd year student
12:45 – 14:00 MICA 3 min / 5 slide presentations (see below for format)
14:00 – 14:15 Coffee Break - MICA/Minor pairs join up with a 3rd year student for informal chat
14:15 – 14:45 Arthur and Meike walk the group through the mini radio/radiation exhibition
14:45 – 16:00 Simon and Yoana briefs everyone on the Unravel Radio Marathon
16:00 – 18:00 Mini Excursion - WDKA students take their MICA partner to a favourite spot in the City. Stan will check the exhibitions rooster and try to organise a opt in visit to a nearby gallery/museum from 16:00-17:00.
18:00 Zes uur, etenstijd! (Everyone is free to eat wherever they wish, but if there are group wishes, ask Stijn to recommend and reserve.
After Hours.... Bitterball'n? Ask Stijn. He knows.

Unravel Radio Marathon

25/10 Blaak 10 Foyer & Interaction Station (2nd Floor Wijnhaven)
9:30 – 10:00 Recapping workshop challenge / division into groups
  1. Inter-galatic communication
  2. The Internet Radio of Things
  3. Post-Radio Aesthetics
  4. Pirate Radio
10:00 – 18:00 Building transmitters, receivers, and producing powerful content
12:ish Regroup with your project members and grab lunch (tip: there is an outside market on Tuesday)
18:00 Communal Kapsalon (We'll be taking orders for Rotterdam's take on Poutine (classic or veggie) for any takers. (Approx. 5 euros)
19:00-19:30 Regrouping, bringing parts together and sending the signals
19:30-20:00 Real or Imaginary Radio? - moment of truth
After Hours.... Wie springt op de borreltafel? Stijn, of course. But who else?

Exhibit and Document

25/10 Blaak 10 Foyer
9:00 – 11:00 Photo/video documentations of results
11:00 – 12:00 Walk through of results to WDKA managers/coodinators

MICA & Minor Pre-Marathon Meeting

MICA and Digital Craft Minor students plan a 5 min Skype/Hangout/Facetime meeting to discuss the following:

  1. share a love/hate about your current program (of course no bad talking about UTC ;)
  2. share an anecdote on radio (your secret extra-sensory electromagnetic perception, what the car radio's double function was when you four, or the time killed it on NPR's sunday puzzle)
  3. share a memorable photograph of your past that fits under the title “ the moment I knew what I wanted to do”.

The purpose of this pre-meeting is to have the first exchange to be on a peer to peer basis and break the ice before the marathon begins.

Student Pairings

  1. Tila Assgari,, Mika Rosenberg & Stijn van Aardenne,
  2. Trisha Cheeney,, Sebastian Ruiz & Arthur Boer,
  3. Kaitlyn Conte,, Kat Zotti & Meike Brand,
  4. Kristin Holifield, & Koen van Geel,
  5. Bianca Jackson,, Bridget Voltz & Stan Haanappel,
  6. Esther Kim,, Korey Rosenbaum & Judith van der Heiden,
  7. Erin Kirchner,, Valeria Fuentes & Kars van den Heuvel,
  8. Dan Langston,, Emily Mintman & Pascalle de Jager,
  9. Priya Pappu,, Luke Ikard & Nora Mabrouki,
  10. Seul Rhee,, Griffin Case, & Lars Noback,
  11. Kate Smith-Morse,, Mary Baum & Rens van Pinxteren,
  12. William Solomon, & Emma Rijk,
  13. Christina Stone, & Boris Smeenk,
  14. Brooke Thyng, & Marjolein Stassen,

MICA Presentations

On Monday afternoon Mica students will have 3 minutes to share their interests and approach to their practice. Considering collaboration can continue well beyond the project week it could be interesting to see on what basis can students connect. Please prepare a short 5 slide presentation on the following format and have it ready as a pdf.

  • Slide 1: A memorable photograph of your past.

(That fits under the title “ the moment I knew what I wanted to do”)

  • Slide 2: What do you make?

(Tell us in one image and one slide about creative background)

  • Slide 3: What is your topic of interest?

(Explain a past/current Q9 project topic or what you wish to research in Q10)

  • Slide 4: What is your medium?

(Explain what materials and tools you wish to use)

  • Side 5: What is your question?

Workshop Reading Material / Resources

to be added

Documentation Tasks

Daily Documentation

Day 1
Foto Documentation:Nora
Short write up (paragraph over meet and great/activities):

Day 2:
Foto Documentation:Kars
Short write up (paragraph over marathon):

Day 3: Exhibition presentation
Foto Documentation:Lars/Judith/Emma/Koen
Short write up (small paragraph over results):

Group Documentation

Inter-galatic communication
Foto Documentation:
Short write up within project:

The Internet Radio of Things
Foto Documentation:
Short write up within project:

Post-Radio Aesthetics
Foto Documentation:
Short write up within project:

Pirate Radio
Foto Documentation:
Short write up within project: